Once You Try You Will Not Go Back

These resin brick panels are created with inspiration, checked for quality and originality and meticulously. We have seen them in person and put into action. They are truly remarkable for their ease-of-use and realistic look. What's more, they're absolutely affordable. You can do a lot with them. You can screw them in place and remove to install somewhere else. You can use them to design homes for clients or place them in any commercial building.

There Are Product Choices For Anyone

Looking for more ideas on how to use fake brick sheets? Just browse through the styles and colors and even the testimonials pages of some website who sell these panels and you will instantly come up with an original design idea. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just drop us a line and we will be very happy to provide you with some great ideas. Maybe you're looking for something different, something special. Brick veneer panels are the special product you were looking for.

Be Part of The Many Who Use Them

If for a moment you are hesitant to move from traditional brick veneer or full ones and are wondering if you are the only one who took the next step, don’t. You are joining a very large community of homeowners, designers, contractors, builders and architects who have tried these panels and are never going back.

What You Will Need

Wondering what you will need to make the transition? How do these sheets get installed? It’s very simple.
- There is no need to learn new skills
- Use the tools you already have for carpentry
- No mortar necessary
- Purchase some construction adhesive from your hardware store
- Glue the sheets and drive some screws through them
- You’re done!


Easy To Interlock Brick Panels by: VB


Many Accessories For Easy An Install by: VB

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